Well said!

Dr. Sreeram Lagu, a noted marathi theater personality, in his autobiographical book 'Lamaan' -लमाण - made an interesting observation about Indian loos. He says, - and I paraphrase as I do not have the book in front of me. 'No matter the affluence or lack thereof of the Indian living establishments, be it palaces, homes, lodges, hotels, the loos are always the dirtiest places of all. I think that the Indian logic behind that is the place is used to divest oneself of the bialogical waste, will be 'dirty' anyway so what is the need for it to be clean?

जिथे जाऊन घाणच करायची आहे, ती जागा स्वच्छ असायची काय गरज आहे?

Aptly said sir! Both the observations, about the loos and the indian psyche, are on the mark!


nit said…
you have got pretty interesting stuff on your blog! i dont remember how i found your blog!

keep posting!
Manjiri said…
Thanks for your appreciation!
Please keep on reading my blog. Thanks,

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