I am on the midlanding as far as the languages are concerned. I did my schooling in Marathi till 10th and then opted for science that mandated English as the medium.
I read quite a lot in both the languages and I am comfortable in both.
But when it comes to expressing my self, I feel inadequate in both the languages.
When the Language in use is English, I catch myself translating the marathi phrases and sentence/ verb formations like I did not bring the number or this time there is too much of cold!!!
And when I converse in Marathi, I translate from English! " Tu majha pay odhu nakos bare" (Do not pull my leg)!! or at other times I can not find the marathi word with the right shade of meaning. What is the marathi word for conviction?
So you see I am privileged
to understand the thoughts expressed in both the languages.
to read my favorite PU la and then his favorite P. G. Wodehouse and then to appreciate and agree with Pu la on what he writes about P. G.
but I am on midlanding when it comes to writing ... I mean real writing ... .
Wo kahate hai na "Dhobi ka kutta na ghar ka na ghat ka!!" oh no here comes the third language to add to the confusion. Should I say I am on a "Chauraha" and not on midlanding? .......

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